5 Most Mysterious Websites of the Web World

5 Most Mysterious Websites of the Web World


Internet is itself a mysterious world. Internet is commonly web inter network among computers and internet capable things. It is made up of lots of websites. These website provides us specific information. Websites are meant to design for some purpose. But here are some the websites that are too mysterious. Instead of calling them mysterious, we should call them horrific websites. Yes, when you open these type of websites, you will definitely goes in shocking moment. These websites appear as a purposeless and cant understood that why such type of websites exist.

You would believe that nothing would frighten us – a group of grown-ups – any longer. In any case, spooky things still do. I don’t know whether it’s the eating routine of slasher films, or the mental dread of phantoms in every last one of us, yet the dread has sunk profound roots.

Swagger says that the web isn’t a passage of repulsions. Be that as it may, be cautioned my companions, there are some frightening sites out there. These startling sites may not give the shouting meemies to every one of you, however some of you could simply shout, if just for entertainment only. Still the pulsating heart – how about we enter eight alarming sites to spook yourself and your companions.

Warning If you scared from horror and can’t withstand, don’t visit these websites. If you want to explore or curious about this then go and enjoy the horror. Here i represent you some of these websites:




This is very creepy website. When you open this website, you will see a simple background with a creepy sound comes from background. The real creepy part of this website is its background music. It is too horrific. When you explore ahead, you will find some very mysterious types of symbols. Thes symbols are look like any coding language. It does not decoded yet and what are these symbols meant to. There are some hyperlinks given. These hyperlinks do some  creepy functions.

Tanasinn (タナシン) is an Internet image that started on the 2channel. What tanasinn precisely is can’t be clarified obviously, yet it is every now and again joined by a surrealistic undercurrents. Frequently characters called tanasinn are communicated by Shift JIS craft of a decayed Doraemon. It is said that it doesn’t have a significance, and rather it isn’t a remark about, yet a comment felt.



SentimentalCorp.org is a to a great degree fascinating (and irritating for the sensible ones) site made by Randy Prozac, a man who doesn’t make open announcements all the time. I approached him for a meeting, and luckily, he acknowledged. This blog is generally composed in Spanish, however Randy Prozac advised that he needed me to post this in the two dialects, so… Here it is (and sorry if my English isn’t that great). This are simply the first, unaltered answers composed by Randy himself.



The third weirdest website is superbad.com. This website is weird instead of horrifying. First considerable thing is its title is so weird. The site comprises of a veritable labyrinth of between connected visual, applied “subprojects” going from two-tone and specialized looking to wacky, brilliant, and even odd. Regularly a subproject will have interactive components connected to different pages inside that subproject, or to another, or that simply give visual wealth (for instance, the “take after” subproject has a matrix of circles with bolts that take after the mouse cursor; each circle is a connection to an alternate page inside the site). A portion of the pages contain story components. There are 143 distinct pages (and still more coming).[citation needed] His principle page fills in as a center to all his subprojects. Clicking anyplace on the “awful” will connection to some place inside each subproject.



After visiting this website you will see a man typing on a computer. When you scroll down you will find some random words. If you hover or mouse over these word, you will find some sentences related to it on the left hand side. when you click on some word there is open a type of animation with quote related with that word. and when you click on this quote you will redirected to a certain page which has words with scratches. If you click on these scratch words some texts are revealed. These text contains some links. This links brings you to another page with weird animation.

This website contains lots of weird pages and things. Go click and explore yourself.



Zombo.com is a solitary serving site that was made in 1999, using the new innovation of Flash movement. Initially a workforce and understudy joke from the George Washington University Center for Professional Development, the website spoofs Flash early on pages that play while whatever remains of a webpage’s substance loads. Zombo took the idea to an amusing outrageous, comprising of one long early on page that prompts a message that says, “Agree to accept The NewZLetter”, with the Z being red.

The site has stayed unaltered since its open dispatch in 1999, starting at 2018.

Zombo.com comprises of a “clear” page, a bright title, and a Flash liveliness of seven beautiful throbbing plates, influencing them to seem like they are pivoting. The site additionally contains a sound clasp, in which a man respects the guest to “Zombocom”, circling inconclusively.