Diseases That Gives You SuperHuman Ability

Diseases That Gives You SuperHuman Ability


Most of the people imagine to have superpowers. It seems only virtual idea and it can’t be real, but it is true that some diseases can make you supernatural. Whenever you suffer from cold or fever , you do not feel good. If I say disease then many of the people thinks negative about that. But some of the diseases exist in this world that makes you supernatural. No One could ever solve the mystery of these diseases.

Generally, these uncommon and baffling ailments are both a gift and a revile (for the most part a reveal, however). The following are only a couple of cases of the maladies that make it feasible for that person who sits opposite you to have a super-brave change self image. In this rundown, you’ll find the astonishing advantages of these maladies, and in addition the dreadful reactions that frequent the general population who have them.


brain cells

Hyperthymesia is a kind of disorder which affect the brain cells. It is a neurological disorder. In this disorder, a person who is suffered from it can remember all the events occur in his lifespan. Every second of their life they can remember of his life. These type of people can track and memorise every line or even every word of that book which he has read. American neurobiologists Elizabeth Parker, Larry Cahill, and James McGaugh (2006) identified two defining characteristics of hyperthymesia: spending an excessive amount of time thinking about one’s past, and displaying an extraordinary ability to recall specific events from one’s past. This superpower is really great to remember everything. This disorder increase your memory power. You can get top rank in your academic career.

As I already said that every coin has two sides good and bad. The dark side of this disorder is headache. A person  suffered from this disease has cause constant headache problem. The natural habit of people that given by nature is of forgetness. Whenever any bad thing happen to you, you will try to overcome and forget that stuff and make new way to your life. But who suffered from it can’t forget any things either bad things or good things. They remember every second of their life.


no pain

Analgesia which is also known as no pain. You shall have seen any movie in which a superhero didn’t feel any pain even he gets injured. This disease exactly do the same thing that any person who is suffered from it can’t feel any pain even he gets massive injuries. This type of people has a gene having properties or behavior of no pain situation and can’t feel even 1 percent of pain. At the first sight most of the people thinking that this is very cool disease. But this disease also have negative side.

Pain is nothing but a signal provided or generated by pain receptors in our body to inform your brain that something wrong is happening to your body or cells. This signal is for preventing or stopping from anything wrong or damage happening to your cells. But if you can’t feel pain, you can’t prevent yourself from doing the same wrong thing that cause you any harm.

Savant Syndrome

Diseases That Gives You SuperHuman Ability

This syndrome also known as extraordinary talent. You will have often seen talented people in your surroundings. But people who have suffered from this disorder carry extraordinary talent. They have unlimited power of talent. For example , if you ask for which day will came in a specific year of specific month of specific date, you will got answer soon. In this disease patients brain process very fastly.

 Those with the condition for the most part have a neurodevelopmental issue, for example, a mental imbalance range issue or have a cerebrum injury. About portion of cases are related with a mental imbalance and might be known as “extremely introverted savants”. While the condition generally winds up evident in youth, a few cases may grow later in life. It isn’t perceived as a psychological issue inside the DSM.

The condition is rare. One gauge is that it influences around one of every a million people. Cases of female academics are even less regular than those of males. The principal restorative record of the condition was in 1783. Among those with extreme introvertedness between 1 of every 10 to 200 have intellectual disorder to some degree. It is evaluated that there are less than a hundred intellectuals with phenomenal abilities as of now living.


fear free
Diseases That Gives You SuperHuman Ability

Urbach-Wiethe is disease which is also called no fear. In this disease, all of the fear within you is ended. You can’t fear from anything and even with horror show. The indications of the ailment change significantly from individual to person. They may incorporate a raspy voice, injuries and scarring on the skin, effortlessly harmed skin with poor injury recuperating, dry, wrinkly skin, and beading of the papules around the eyelids. All of these are consequences of a general thickening of the skin and mucous films. Now and again there is likewise a solidifying of cerebrum tissue in the average fleeting projections, which can prompt epilepsy and neuropsychiatric abnormalities. The malady is ordinarily not hazardous and patients don’t demonstrate a diminished life span.

Since Urbach– Wiethe ailment is an autosomal latent condition, people can be bearers of the malady yet demonstrate no manifestations. The malady is cause by loss-of-work changes to chromosome 1 at 1q21, the extracellular network protein 1 (ECM1) gene. The dermatological side effects are cause by a development of a hyaline material in the dermis and the thickening of the cellar films in the skin. Urbach– Wiethe illness is normally analyzed by its clinical dermatological indications, Especially the bead papules on the eyelids. The revelation of the changes inside the ECM1 quality has enabled the utilization of hereditary testing. this yesting is to affirm an underlying clinical determination. Occasional corrosive Schiff (PAS) and immunohistochemical recoloring may likewise be utilized for finding.

Muscle hypertrophy

Diseases That Gives You SuperHuman Ability

You will have often seen superhero in movie. They can carry heavy load like a car or any heavy load. In this syndrome, your bodily fat decreases and muscular area increases. When muscles grow, the power of your body will multiple time increases. This means you do not have to go for workout. This syndrome makes you a muscular man. This disease haven’t any negative side.

Muscle hypertrophy includes an expansion in size of skeletal muscle. This process is occurred by a development in size of its segment cells. Two elements add to hypertrophy: sarcoplasmic hypertrophy. which concentrates more on expanded muscle glycogen stockpiling; and myofibrillar hypertrophy. which concentrates more on expanded myofibril estimate.