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FUTURE MINDSETS “Mindsets” are thoughts and probable even entire perception systems. That assist us to address the arena, to navigate complex. Situations, and to comprehend the big image.

To positioned it another way. A future mindsets may be idea of as. A mental tool that permits us to reduce out all of the noise and apparent. Randomness of our surroundings, and which in doing so allows us to peer. The forest in preference to a meeting of person trees.


Transhumanism represents the view that we have to take. A proactive position in upgrading the human species. In other phrases, “transhumanists” agree with that. A proactive stance ought to be taken in furthering human evolution. For greater statistics, please see the transhumanism web page.

The Second Digital Revolution

From round 1980 to the year 2000, the “First Digital Revolution” came about. As a mass digitization happened with. A huge variety of media increasingly. Being encoded into the binary global of our on-line world.

For a miles more precise clarification of the Second Digital. Revolution and its development, please see the Second Digital Revolution page.

Thirtysomething Civilization

Industrial civilization is a part of the natural world. FUTURE MINDSETS As such it is able to additionally. Be difficulty to a natural cycle of rise and fall. In this context, commercial civilization is now possibly someplace. In its thirties nevertheless thriving. For more in this concept, please see. My Thirty something Civilization video.

The Five Facets of Reality

The Five Facets of Reality is a conceptual framework to help within. The look at of radical technological, social and cultural transition.

The model divides human history into “the beyond”, “the existing” and “the destiny”, after. Which seeks to explore adjustments in 5 key “sides” of human and organizational existence. Throughout those time periods. For a extra exact clarification of this future. Mindset device, please see the Five Facets of Reality web page.

Crossing the Fourth Discontinuity

In 1993 Professor Bruce Mazlish wrote. A brilliant e book called The Fourth Discontinuity. This recommended that throughout history people have had to break. Through limitations or “discontinuties” which have separated. Humanity from the relaxation of introduction. Mazlish’s unique proposition is that we are now beginning to go. The “Fourth Discontinuity” that used to sincerely distinguish people from machines. For extra statistics see the Crossing the Fourth Discontinuity page.

The Global Hardware Platform

The idea at the back of the worldwide hardware platform. Is to try and think about all computer systems and network technologies. As comprising a unmarried. Interconnected international computing device. For a more specified clarification, please see. The Global Hardware Platform page.