How to study 7 to 8 hours effectively without any distraction

How to study 7 to 8 hours effectively without any distraction

Why can’t student study for long hours? 

study load

For every action there is a reason. If any problem occur there is a reason behind it. If you find reason of your problem , you own can find your problem’s solution. Buddha said that dont chase the solution of your problem until you find the reason of the occurring of problem. If you chase solution of your problem without knowing the reason behind it , you can’t overcome your problem with that solution. Our main topic is why most of the student can’t study more and more. Most of the student fall asleep during study. why is this happening to students nowadays?

The reason behind it is student let study as a burden over their head. They think that study is a type of heavy load they carrying to make their good career. But the funny thing is that study is not a burden, instead it is for fun. Studying is used to apply for exercise of your brain. As you need physical exercise to fit your body parts, you also need exercise to fit your brain. brain is a “use it or lose” it type thing. More you use your brain more your brain power increase. But today’s education environment is becoming more ineffective to make it as a fun. This type of system realize student that it is a big load.

You know in  this critical education system , yet some student studying well without any tension and get top rank. How do they do it? They make study interesting. Like most of the student like gaming. why ? because you make it your brain pattern to take interest in gaming. This why some people like one thing that is not liked by others.


 The solution of above listed reason is to change , rewired your brains pattern. Make studying is your hobby. If you make it your hobby , your brain patterns change according to your hobby.  By doing this, when you need to pass your time , you will automatically attracted towards study and doesn’t waste your time in gaming and all that stuff. The top ten steps are listed below to do long hour study.

21 Days challenge 

Brain rewiring

So , the question is “what is 21 days challenge?” , “whats stuff is that?” 21 days challenge is a scientifically proved technique. It is a technique to change your brains present pattern. This is used to make habit of doing any work. It is scientifically proved that if you do anything up-to 21 days , on the 22nd day your body automatically do that work. this is because of changing of  brains pattern. so study hard up-to 21 days and a miracle will happen to you on rest of  the days. But most of the people can’t take it and fail in 8th or 10th days.

But take this challenge and do it upto 21 days for any of the cost. If you do it you don’t need any of the trick to study hard. Some people say that smart work is better than hard work but without hard work there is no existence of smart work. Because smart work is evolved from hard work.

Remove Distractions

social media

Distractions are the most problematic event occur in students life. Too powerful brain can also get down due to distractions. Then what are those distractions- mobile , gaming , social media and all that stuff for timepass. I observe some student who are studying well and got good marks that they study in completely close rooms without any distractions they carry and study long hours. So go to your room , gather all books , put your smartphone and all things that distract you away from your location. Read and study in such environment.

why closed rooms? I already told that for every action there is a reason. The reason behind it is mind always search for its entertainment and comfort. If you are sat on the place jobless then your mind will try to find its comfort and entertainment. For its entertainment , mind goes for television or mobile or any more comfortable thing which entertain it more. So, in this technique mind will search for entertainment and it doesn’t find anything interesting in that closed room. Mind will find the only interesting thing is reading that book.

Get out of your comfort zone

comfort zone

Another problem in students life is their comfort zone. Different people have different types of comfort zone. One of the example of comfort zone is “I will do it tomorrow”. In this sentence tomorrow will never come. On tomorrow you will avoid it again the sentence will come that “I will do it tomorrow” . In the word “comfort zone” , there is nothing any type of comfort. because your not doing that which makes your dreams come true. The real comfort is to make something that we want to. So, you have to develop “power to take action” means you have to take action at the same time when you realises to do. Don’t do it tomorrow or any other day.

That’s why the great saint Kabir said that 

“Tomorrow’s work do today, today’s work now
If the moment is lost, the work be done how “

Short breaks during study sessions

short breaks

your body is not machine, even machine need breaks. Make short breaks during study sessions. why short breaks? by giving short rest to your mind during any work or studying it gets refreshed and work with great efficiency. But some people makes it wrong by taking break to watch movies, surf social websites on internet and all that stuff. I already told that this kind of stuff makes distractions. Short break during study is light bodily exercise like walking, running outsides nature. By taking this type of break your mind gets more blood and oxygen and work with full power during studying. So the main question is how long is this ? you can take 10 or 15 minutes break.

Write down your study goals on paper


This is the most effective way of memorize your remaining or study goals. Study goals are plans you make to study upto specific hours. Most of the time you make plans of studying for specific hours but can’t apply it and getting nervous. why this happen? It happens due to two reasons : 1) forgetting the plans 2) there is no strongest power to do it. You have write your study plans on the paper like which subject and which topic you have to complete today. By doing this , that study plans on the paper will remain in front of your eyes and the will to apply this plan will definitely generate on your mind.

Write down the in-between thoughts on the paper while studying

in between thoughts

I have observed that there are lots of thoughts come in our mind during studying. Some of these thoughts are related to study and some are other than study. Is there any technique to solve this problem? yes, By writing whatever thoughts coming your mind on paper will realises you the truth and awake your mind. So, what is the truth? The truth is your mind is distracted and lost focus from study. Whenever you awake of this truth , you will focus on your work or study.