Introduction Ashtanga yoga actually approach “eight-limbed yoga,” as mentioned via the sage Patanjali in the Yoga Sutra. primary four limbs—yama, niyama, asana, pranayama—are taken into consideration outer cleaning practices. First one limb  Yama referred to as Universal morality; niyama referred to as Personal observances; the third one asana referred to as Body postures and the last one of these primary four limbs pranayama referred to as a Breathing exercises, and control of … Read moreASHTANGA YOGA


Introduction “Vinyasa yoga” commonly refer to as “flow yoga” is a type of yoga represent by means of holding postures together so you flow from one to another with continuously use of breath. As in yoga every word has meaning and that meaning describes the characteristics of yoga. Sanskrit word vinyasa is associate by two words; the first one “vi” means variation and “nyasa” means inside … Read moreVINYASA YOGA



YOGA Yoga is an activity of ancient India in which  physical, mental, and spiritual practices are taken place.It is 5000 year old knowledge about body. It teaches The Art of Living life in this complex world.     Yoga isn’t simply exercise and asanas. It is the enthusiastic combination and profound height with a touch of spiritualist component … Read moreYOGA


Meditation are very important part for life...

What Is  Meditation ? Meditation is a way of remodeling the thoughts. The movement or practice of meditating. Meditation practices are techniques that inspire and develop concentration, readability, emotional positivity, and a calm seeing of the authentic nature of things. Meditation is not a way however a way of existence. It manner a cessation of … Read moreMeditation