My raw food diet weight loss program and weight reduction month has been the maximum splendid revel in. It’s made me have more electricity, feel higher in myself, lose kilos and remove my extra belly fats.

This put up is wide variety four of the series on  weight loss so if you’re interested by losing some pounds, you have to certainly study the opposite three posts first, due to the fact success comes from approaching and executing this a effective manner.

This final submit information my specific path at some point of this primary month of changing my life-style and the extremely good outcomes I’ve had. But the important thing to fulfillment depends on the instruction and alertness, not on ingesting exactly the identical ingredients.

And this month way of life trade works on a 25 to five basis so while you get to day 25, you loosen up and escape into what you fancy. And you ought to simplest cut out the things you could cope with slicing out and choose to depart at the back of.

For me it’s been the great month ever!

‘I’ve lost 6 kilos (0.8 stone) in four weeks and eight centimetres from my waist!’

Reasons to Begin a Raw Food Diet and Weight Loss Month

There are endless motivations for this. In my case I decided that I need to experience more youthful once I flip 50 than I did after I became 49! So I set out to show again the clock and reclaim my health.

By eating in particular raw meals and limiting the ones raw foods to fruit and vegetables I didn’t eat a number of the high allergenic meals businesses (i.E. Dairy & grain) and I don’t consume any synthetic sugar or subtle carbs. As a end result I feel absolutely happy after eating and I don’t get any cravings in anyway.

The month plan is 25 days of the raw meals eating regimen and 5 days of breaking out a chunk. So a complete stability of 25 days on to 5 days off.

The Raw Food and Weight Loss Month Helps You to…

Be more healthy

Get more healthy (with workout)

Stop over consuming and reduce your urge for food

Lose extra weight

Get rid of surplus fat, such as the extra hard-to-shift stomach fats

Give you extra power

Reduce or dispose of your signs of IBS and other gut associated problems

Points to Remember When Embracing This New Lifestyle

This is YOUR lifestyle so that you ought to adapt the alternate to be personal to you and to suit your life.

Your metabolism and lively desires could be exclusive to every person else – listen to your frame and goal to supply what YOU need. So if meaning inclusive of something more in your diet, do it.

Although fried foods and specifically deep fried, are absolutely pleasant disregarded of your new lifestyle, lightly stir-fried is quality. Oil is not your enemy however raw oil is more healthy than cooked and a touch of cooked is better than deep fried.

Don’t reproduction a hard and fast food plan with out tweaking it in your own private requirements and possibilities. If, for you for you to preserve this life-style you want to every now and then devour some thing that isn’t included, consume it.

Work on the premise of going one or two steps more healthy than your current weight loss program fashion. So if you devour numerous pre-organized meals, purpose at along with greater natural foods but don’t pressure that you, for example, on occasion devour a few chips or whatever.

The secret is to be glad along with your plan and be satisfied along with your food lifestyles and to experience healthy. Then you can permit pass of the stress and recognise which you’re now not on a weight-reduction plan, but dwelling a more fit lifestyle.

Be excited and experience invigorated by way of your new way of life.

The Crux of the Matter

Balance your healthy meals intake with your energy output. Include as much motion as you can to your existence.

By cutting out the artificial sugars and subtle carbs you do away with the starvation cravings and can eat as tons as you need without counting any energy or stressful approximately your figure.

You can reduce out the whole thing apart from fruit, veg, nuts, eggs and tofu, like I’ve achieved for example, or you can select to nonetheless consume other things like wholegrain rice for example.

Or you can want to steam your veg or stir fry in olive oil.

It’s entirely as much as you to include the ingredients that your body thrives off!

So Down to the Brass Tacks!

Foods I Eliminated for the First Month

Gluten (I was already gluten loose after I started.)


All grains

Pre-prepared beans & chick peas

All tinned ingredients

Shop bought juice and all different commercial drinks

Alcohol (for days 1-25)

Decaf Coffee (for 2 weeks)

Some Facts About Me Before I Changed My Lifestyle:

Weight: eleven stone / 70 kilos

Waist: 92 cm

Health Issues:

Intolerant to gluten.

Upset stomach and stomach cramps if I drink orange juice or devour corn on the cob (which I used to like…)

Feeling ill after eating hard boiled eggs, in particular in the morning.

Some wines motive a similar response of illness and intolerance, but not all.

Bloated, protruding belly.

General Symptoms:

Low strength stages, every so often falling asleep

Brain fog

Terrible quick time period memory blocks

No muscle strength (from having constantly been a fairly strong individual)

Fairly frequent complications

Stomach cramps

Often feeling too cold

I’ve most effective completed the primary month of my new lifestyle to this point, so it’s too early to say on how many counts I’m healed, however I already experience lots better.

How to Start Your Raw Food Diet and Weight Loss Month

Treat the primary 2-three days as being exceedingly unique and ensure you may relax and take time for yourself within the beginning due to the fact this is whilst your frame may be adapting to the exchange.

Relax and pamper your self, and don’t start doing an excessive amount of workout until you’ve completed the first 2-three days.

Decide what you’ll be satisfied to devour on a daily foundation and what you’re satisfied to reduce out out of your eating regimen. Remember you could be adventurous with your food coaching, like making a few vegetable kebabs. You don’t must pass 100% raw. Just hold your character foods to actual meals that include one single factor, and also you’ll have achievement.

If you sense you want greater sustenance you can include more stuff than I did. If you devour meat you may include natural, unfastened ranged bird or a few fish together with your food.

Or perhaps you’re vegetarian but feel you want to include potatoes or beans and chick peas. Beans and potatoes are fine! Just don’t blend them with cheese or butter! And play with what you consume until you adore it. Remember to simplest devour actual food.

Types of Food to Eat

Raw Fruit: Mango, watermelon, melon, tangerine, apple, kiwi, pear, avocado.

Vegetables: carrot, celery, cauliflower, spinach, broccoli, candy potato, beetroot, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, peas.

Chia seeds, quinoa, linseed, sunflower seeds, almonds, walnuts, tofu, eggs, beans, chickpeas.

Healthy fat: olive oil or coconut oil.

Drinks: Only water with fresh lemon squeezed into it, or selfmade smoothies. Delicious! After the first 2 weeks I included decaffeinated coffee – you could consist of it from the begin however I selected now not to.

Vitamins: I took diet B12 most days however you could pass for a very good exceptional multi-vitamin rather. And in case you’re vegetarian or vegan you can include some vegan omega three.

Example Day

Breakfast: 1 mango + chia seeds

Lunch: Spinach, cherry tomatoes, apple, walnuts, uncooked beetroot, with tofu or quinoa on pinnacle

Smoothie: Green Smoothie

Dinner: 1 small avocado, 1 apple

Evening snack: almonds

Make certain you include protein in your daily diet. After the first 2 days I began to consist of as a great deal on foot into my life as viable through walking to or from work.

In the second week I delivered some steamed broccoli and in the 1/3 week I drank decaffeinated coffee.

My Protein Sources (aside from what’s available inside the veg.)

Boiled eggs with the uncooked lunch (I seem to feel good about eggs now).

Tofu, both uncooked or heated in a dry frying pan.

Chia seeds in my smoothie every nighttime.


Almonds and walnuts ad lib.

Exercise Per Week

I attempt to circulate more in my daily life and include on foot for longer as often as feasible. In weeks 1, 2 & three the average amount of exercising according to week turned into:

Walking per week: 24 kms

Swimming in step with week: 2 kilometres

Ashtanga Yoga: 3 hours

Strimming or gardening: four hours


I felt very tired on day 1  however I became also quite exhausted earlier than starting my new manner of eating. On day  I become still tired. On day 3 I felt higher and on day four I had a bit of a dip, feeling emotionally tired and a little lightheaded.

From day five onwards I felt definitely correct in strength and within the 2d week even higher Raw food diet weight loss.